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PSHE – Personal, Social and Health Education



PSHE is a planned developmental programme of learning designed to help learners develop the knowledge, understanding and skills they need to manage their lives, now and in the future.

It deals with real life issues which affect children and young people, their families and their communities, and engages with the social and economic realities of their lives and experiences.


In the last academic year, students have worked with:

  • Young Carers Network (Year 7)
  • My Bank Financial Literacy Worshop (Year 7)
  • Alone in London Homelessness Project (Year 8)
  • Diversity Role Models - Promoting Equality and Challenging Homophobia (Year 8)
  • Body and Soul -HIV/AIDS Awarenss (Year 9)
  • ChildNet - Critical Thinking Online (Year 9)
  • The Haven Trust -Domesic Violence,Consent and Relationships (Year 11)
  • The Inspire Project - Challenging Extremism and Critical Thinking (Years 9, 10,11)
  • Present Yourself Day supported by loal businesses (Year 11)


Year 7

  • Risk management and hazard mapping
  • Financial capability and economic well-being
  • Skills and Qualities
  • Healthy eating
  • Bullying and cyber bullying/e-safety session
  • Sex and Relationships Education/puberty and changes to body and behaviour/ importance of regular exercise


Year 8

  • Conflict resolution/managing relationships
  • DiversityRole Models Project
  • Alone in London – external agency x2 sessions – Delivering information on where to seek advice if you are experiencing problems at home – links to mental health.
  • Physical and emotional health including alcohol and tobacco education/ illegal drugs education/drugs and the law/mental illness and eating disorders - where to go for support and advice
  • E-safety session
  • Sex and Relationships Education – Positive relationsips and sexual heath including teen pregnancy and contraception


Year 9

  • HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted infections
  • Making effective decisions – Career planning and Options support including CVs and Personal Statements
  • Challenging stereotypes in the workplace/employability skills
  • Sexual health - including postive relationships, HIV/AIDS education, challenging stereotypes

Year 10

  • Preparation for Working life – Level 2 certificate
  • Self-esteem/body image and assertiveness work
  • Safe sex and promoting positive relationships
  • Exploring relationships includng abuse, violence in relationships,sexting and pornography
  • Financial capability and economic well-being work
  • E safety session


Recent Events in PSHE

  • Chelsea's Choice (Year 9)
  • My Bank Financial Literacy (Year 7)
  • Peer-to-Peer anti-smoking project (Year 9)
  • Social Action Project (Year 8 Skills)







Terms & holidays

Summer Term 2017
Start: 18th Apr
Half Term: 29th May-2nd June
End of Term: 21st July
Autumn Term 2017
Start: 4th Sept
Half Term:23rd-27th Oct
End of Term:21st Dec
Spring Term 2018
Start: 3rd Jan 
Half Term:12-16th Feb
End of Term: 29th Mar
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