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Enrichment is provided to enhance the experience of EGA students, as well as provide important revision and preparation for exams. Activities occur before school, lunchtimes and after school. Exam revision takes place on weekends and in holidays. An enrichment schedule is published each term. All students are encouraged to take up opportunities.


Debate Mate – The Debate Club



Debate MateThere are numerous reasons why debating is an important skill.  It is a voluntary activity that encourages self-expression through having your opinion heard.  Through debating, pupils can nurture their formal speaking and listening skills in a structured and competitive environment.   Moreover, the exposure to formal language and organisation of thought informs written work and encourages higher-order thinking and development. In addition to many personal and academic benefits, debating also brings the added skills of increased confidence in speaking and teamwork skills.  These skills are transferable outside of the classroom to situations such as job interviews and markedly improve the ability of pupils to succeed later in life.

Most importantly, debating is fun!  Pupils have the chance to make new friends through our after school clubs and are exposed to inspiring role models who all attend top universities, and are themselves successful debaters.  Additionally, the chance to compete against their classmates and pupils from other schools gives participants a sense of school pride and achievement.  Through the two competitions we run, the Urban Debate League and the Debate Mate Cup, pupils have the chance to prove they're the best young debaters in the UK!

Recently, the year 9 debate team came fourth in the Urban Debate cup final. Not bad considering over two hundred school signed up to compete in the league at the beginning of the season!

Debate mate will be running again next year, and we hope to have a lunchtime club for year 7 and 8 – Come join us!



Terms & holidays

Summer Term 2017
Start: 18th Apr
Half Term: 29th May-2nd June
End of Term: 21st July
Autumn Term 2017
Start: 4th Sept
Half Term:23rd-27th Oct
End of Term:21st Dec
Spring Term 2018
Start: 3rd Jan 
Half Term:12-16th Feb
End of Term: 29th Mar
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