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Art & Design



In Art and design- pupils will experience learning in the three main areas: painting, printmaking and sculpture. We incorporate a range of techniques and drawing is embedded throughout the curriculum.


We work closely with the local galleries to inspire learning either in lessons or in extra-curricular activities such as art clubs.


We expect students to develop their existing knowledge, understanding and experiences of materials and concepts through Art; to question their understanding of Art within the context of self, culture, environment and history; and to communicate this through the use of specialist language and visual literacy.


Students work is promoted and displayed throughout classrooms to show progress as well as outcomes. Every week we celebrate students work in the newsletter through our ‘Art of the Week’ section.


We aspire to encourage all pupils to reach their true potential and eventually become independent learners, who value learning with and from others.




Art at Key Stage 3  



We offer a broad and diverse curriculum to our Key stage 3 students. Topics include;

• Colour theory and learning about the double primary mixing system

• Painting techniques

• Creating lino prints and screen prints from looking at nature and design

• Self-portraits; looking at artists who make self-portraits and creating their own inspired by the artists

• Enlargement; Creating sculptures by enlarging an object from its normal size

• Clay relief; based on looking at family photographs


Students will be introduced to both traditional and contemporary artists as well as learning many new techniques and skills.  Students will also have the opportunity to go on a trip to an art gallery and put on an exhibition in our new gallery in the school.




Study at Home for KS3


Here is a list of web sites that will help  with homework and class work:              - For links to all artists                  - For finding out about modern artists                              - For contemporary art (art that is made recently)         - For finding out about the ‘old masters’ (famous painters)                     - For images from the news that you could use in your art           - For photography          - For research into cultures across the world


We also recommend that students receive the opportunity to visit art galleries -  either local or major galleries such as the Tate Modern, Tate Britain or the National Gallery.


At KS4 students have the option of studying Art & Design in three areas.

Mixed media

This is a general course which encourages students to use a range of different materials and approaches, including Painting, Photography and Mixed Media. Students will look at contemporary and traditional arts from a variety of cultures. Students will explore a range of contextual themes.

Print and photography

Students will focus on the use of photography alongside collage and print. In this area students will learn to produce high quality outcomes and explore a range of different contextual themes.


In Textiles students will be encouraged to explore a range of different textile materials and develop skills in Batik, stencilling and sowing in the context of contemporary textile practice. They will explore a range of diverse themes and students will produced personalised outcomes.

In all these areas student progress will be supported by Gallery visits and input from practicing artists. Students will also have the opportunity to gain an understanding of curatorship and have their work displayed at the Islington Museum through our annual exhibition of GCSE artwork.

City & Islington College

We also have strong links with C&I college which support and promote our joint exhibition with other schools and colleges at Islington Museum.

Trips and Visits

We take students on a wide range of trips and visits to help with a rounded art education. Here is a list of a few we have been on recently:

Tate Modern

Tate Britain

The Parasol Unit

The Cubitt Gallery

Photographers Gallery

Princes School of Traditional Arts


Terms & holidays

Summer Term 2017
Start: 18th Apr
Half Term: 29th May-2nd June
End of Term: 21st July
Autumn Term 2017
Start: 4th Sept
Half Term:23rd-27th Oct
End of Term:21st Dec
Spring Term 2018
Start: 3rd Jan 
Half Term:12-16th Feb
End of Term: 29th Mar
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