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Starting in Year 7

EGA Students

We want each pupil to feel part of EGA as soon as possible and we do everything we can to reassure students and parents during the move from primary to secondary
Shortly after a student has received their offer of a place at EGA, she will be invited to take some cognitive attainment tests, which will enable us to offer her the right level of challenge or support as soon as she starts in September.
Each student and her parents will be invited to school for an interview in June.  During this interview, they will be given a pack of details about the school, the uniform and asked to sign the EGA pledge, which explains what is expected of EGA students and how parents can support the work of their daughter.  
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The Assistant Head in charge of transition and SENCO liaise with primary schools regarding each student’s needs. 
We visit as many feeder primaries as possible to meet the girls coming to EGA in a small group and answer all their questions, bringing along some of our current year 7s to help them feel excited.
The Assistant Head in charge of transition will then decide which students go into which teaching group, taking advice from primary teachers and ensuring that each group has a balance of different levels of achievement.
In July, students are invited to spend a morning at school to meet their tutors, classmates, the Head Teacher and other staff.  They will also sample some lessons. 
Parents are invited to a special parents’ evening which gives them the chance to meet Heads of House, pastoral managers and subject leaders, and to ask any questions they might have.  We also share information about the Year 7 curriculum and how parents can support at home.
Our Summer School runs in the last few days of the holidays.  This allows girls to make new friends, meet some of their future teachers and get to know their way around the building.
The first day of school in September is only for Year 7s, allowing them to settle in and learn their way around before the older girls arrive.  
Each student will be given a student planner that they should bring and use every day to record homework. Parents and teachers can also use the planner to send notes. Parents are asked to check and sign planners every week.
The most important person for each new student is their tutor.  Students meet their tutor four days a week at registration and they are the best person to contact about any problems. Parents should not hesitate to contact their child’s tutor or make an appointment to see them whenever there is something they wish to discuss.  The Head of House or pastoral manager will also be happy to speak to parents should the need arise.
In October, after students have been at EGA for a month, parents will be invited in the evening to meet their daughters’ tutor and to ask questions about progress so far.  Information will be given regarding baseline assessments and students’ commitment to learning.
Parents will also be emailed a weekly newsletter from school keeping them up to date on school events and successes. The newsletter is also available to read on the school website and hard copies can be collected from reception.  Parents can also download the EGA app to receive and send key information and messages.

Terms & holidays

Summer Term 2017
Start: 18th Apr
Half Term: 29th May-2nd June
End of Term: 21st July
Autumn Term 2017
Start: 4th Sept
Half Term:23rd-27th Oct
End of Term:21st Dec
Spring Term 2018
Start: 3rd Jan 
Half Term:12-16th Feb
End of Term: 29th Mar
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