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  • Success for EGA Masterchefs

    Published 27/04/2012

    The Nourish competition, which is a national event with hundreds of entries from schools across the UK, is now reaching its final stages. I am extremely pleased to announce that three of our students have been chosen as finalists for the competitio ...

  • Urban Debate Competition at the London School of Economics

    Published 19/04/2012

    On Monday 26th March the year 10 debate team competed at the LSE in a fierce and furious one day debate competition. We took part in six debates including one that argued whether or not the UK should militarily intervene in Syria. The standard was ex ...

  • BBC News Day Pages

    Published 07/02/2012

    Students from this school will be making the news for real on 15 March 2012 as they take part in BBC News School Report. We aim to publish the news by 1600 GMT on the News Day, so please save this page as a favourite and return to it later. In ...

  • Fundraising Successes at EGA

    Published 23/11/2011

    A very big thank you to: Shuma Begum, Nishat Tasnim, Blessing Seidu, Tyra Richards, Kheriyah Mohamed, Amy Coffey, Nikita Smith, Aissato Falcoeira, Zahra Amin, Khadra Ahmed, Milena Novakova, Ikram Mohammed all in 9E and Gill McLay in the Garrett ...

  • Launch of London’s ‘Railway Children’ Project at EGA

    Published 11/11/2011

    EGA hosted a special event on Thursday 10th November.  The guests invited to the launch of a charity project included the Mayor of Islington and Alexandra Burke, ex-EGA girl and international recording artist.  Alexandra is the first ...

  • Welcome: To Our Three New Parent Governors

    Published 20/10/2011

    Eva Sorensen,

    Fardowsa Omar and

    Nuradin Dirie

    who are now members of EGA’s governing body.


  • Beat the Street

    Published 19/09/2011

    EGA School has been chosen to take part in an exciting walking competition called ‘Beat the Street’! We’re encouraging ALL key stage 3 students to get involved and ‘walk to win’. To make the competition even more e ...

  • EGA Students Celebrate Their Successes!

    Published 08/09/2011

    As always, the last Thursday in August saw scenes of celebration as EGA girls received their examination results. The student with the most to celebrate was Gar Yuan Li with a total of 17 GCSE passes, six of which were at A or A*. Zara Ahmed al ...

  • Students perform at Pleasance Theatre

    Published 29/06/2011

    Six students from year 7, Daiman Kasai, Alexandra Prokhorova, Pia Richards, Zahra Tomkins, Helawit Hailemariam and Soumia Sebbar performed ‘Transform’ at the Pleasance Theatre on Saturday as part of Islington Community Theatre&rsquo ...

  • Live on BBC News

    Published 23/06/2011

    Some of you may have seen Josefa Chociezynska and Silan Fidan of year 10 on the BBC News yesterday (22/6/11).  They were invited to appear on a live broadcast from the BBC TV Centre in Wood Lane to discuss their responses to Michelle Obama ...

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